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Originally Posted by O_Pos View Post
Edited to add: In regards to a transition program and its necessity, think of the old adage of "use it or lose it". From personal experience, you forget allot of the nuances of treating emergency medical patients when you spend most of your time focused on trauma and primary care. When I came back to the civilian sector, I had to put my nose in a book for quite a while to get brought back up to speed, especially in pediatrics.
A long time ago (1992ish) when I was a civvy EMTP a couple 18Ds rode with me for some clinical time (EMS service about 100 miles from Bragg). We went to the usual EMS calls, and you could tell that there was dust on their neurons with regard to the little old ladies (geriatrics) and with general peds. But then....we went to a head-on MVC, police car went across the double-yellow line in high-speed pursuit, hit an oncoming car, driver pinned, AFU'd. Those medics were outstanding, really in their element. I just sit back and let them do their thing. Just an example of exactly what you had mentioned.

I have seen too many military medical providers, and not just the high-speed folks, beat their heads against the wall trying to make a life in a civilian medical job (or trying to get one anyway). This is many, many years past due and hope it really gets traction.
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