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Originally Posted by gymrat8541 View Post
My thoughts but I didn't want to create a situation for either myself or my client.
Your concern is valid and something many former/current cops get very confused about. HR218 allows you to carry, it does not, however, make you a licensed guard...and that's where things get very uncomfortable and expensive should something happen.

You MUST be licensed in CA, through the BSIS, for the appropriate work you will perform.

For example, if you're working armed security at a Bank, you need to go through both unarmed and armed guard card training, then receive the approval from BSIS, before you can ever don your nice uniform.

Now if you're off-duty, and NOT WORKING (don't get me started on details and companies who think they can have guys "just hanging out"), carry all you want if you have HR218.

Make sense?

Also, licensing requirements can vary drastically between states. I'm currently licensed to work in three states, all with completely different requirements.
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