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Originally Posted by sfmedicw9 View Post
To the OP

there are a lot of flavors in the security service world - some of these reading lists would be great in one situation and worthless as tits on a bull in others.

When I hire protective services types some backgrounds are a deal breaker in one case and the same individuals would be first in line on a different mission.

right now I'm running a full realm 6 element head of state mission. If someone that ran with blackwater or triple c applied they wouldnt get the job because they are essentially a one trick pony.

If on the other hand i was hiring for my patrol and perimeter defence crew (force pro) they would be a good fit.

so the question is what are you wanting to prep for ?

executive pro? diplo pro? force pro? fashion accessory to a star? simple security escorts / bodyman ??

all have their own skillsets ?
Many of individuals have went on to do EP (too include heads-of-state) for the above mentioned companies that you mention.

BW (former) was doing EP work for heads-of-state before they even started Force-Pro work and I would highly suggest you do some research on TC history amongst other companies....
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