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Outstanding feedback; thanks and keep it coming.
Answering Tracy and TFG, all free so far. Since initial focus was breath, it made me dial my exhale and penalized poor effort, esp by the end of sets of 100. If I concentrate on max exhaling now, I'm pulling smoother, fewer strokes per length, and considerably less recovery time; mostly just to pull fins on and off now, which remains helpful so I can keep track of laps. Ficus, again.
I can mix in breast and back, esp given how much kick work they'd provide. I'd have to see how the shoulder tolerates the backstroke reach, though. B-fly, FTS. Three things in the water I'm retarded about are flip turns, bilat breathing, and butterfly. Someone would dart me with a benzo thinking I'm having a seizure.

I like the sidestroke idea. Way back in college I ended up taking WSI and then staying for two semesters of something called 'endurance swimming' for PE from the same instructor. He had us in part doing side/towed drills - each other, brick, or a fabric drogue. Sucked (I hurled after more than a few of these morning sessions), but so good, too. I can easily rig something up for this.

Bodiebot, thanks for the specifics. Timer's next, got one; you and diverescue are right about working timed laps or rests.
My 10m targets had been - get back to the pool, get up to a mile, get to 30min for the mile. First mile day was 40-something, this Sunday was 32, most from eliminating recovery, some from improved stroke. Now I can parse a bit. My 'warmup' 1000 has evolved into graduating effort per 100, but your ladder up x 25, etc sounds like a better compression of this. I also hear you on the breathing; getting to the point NOT out of breath between sets feels good, but not helpful in the long haul. Time to extend this.

entire post, especially this: does your kick start to suck after 100, does your breathing go to shit after 150, does your stroke get real short after the 100, etc...)
Yep, my kick is crap and I'm a little disturbed you've been watching me. You're absolutely right about 100 being too short at this point to reveal weaknesses.
Hate the kickboard, always have. I'll start, since you've all brought it up...
Using the lap fins mostly to generate more stress on my feet and ankles, since I don't run as much; it is also keying me to kick from the core, which should translate into better technique when barefoot?
Thoughts on 2/4/6 kick rate??

Good technique drills, diverescue. Working on a smoother recovery phase, pulling with a higher/bent elbow, and pulling for a full stroke. The thumb trick would be helpful with all of that.

TL;DR = thanks again. Will keep grinding away.
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