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Is this still available?

Not trying to be an imbecile, but Iím new here and was wondering if your help was still available. Contributing to the site and for your time does not bother me one bit. Iíve read through the sticky threads and have adjusted my resume. Hoping to get someone to help review my resume. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Silverbullet View Post
At any one time there are 3-5 people asking me to help redo their resume or getting advice on how to make it better. I know other members are approached as well.

I spend an hour or more on most, and with some exchange 10 emails reviewing and tweaking it. The sad part is that many never follow up and say a thing once they get a solid resume. I've even helped people get jobs, very good jobs, and never hear another word from them or even see them on this site.

From now on if you want help, you need to consider using the Support SOCNET button with $25. At least that way the site will get some benefit. If the thought of giving away money for a value that others pay $75 or more from so called professional resume writers bothers you don't contact me. Your other option is to contact Scotty or EatIII and order a couple of coffee cups. They are helping support the site as well. This way you'll end up with a good resume and something to drink out of or smash when you get pissed at us.

I think this is more than a fair trade off and will show that you are serious and not just trying to get high value info and then moving on.

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