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Well it seems we are all meandering down memory lane...

I got nothing in Florida while in the field.

But, speaking of stupid, I noticed when we came out of the swamp and were eating our hot meal, the full sugar shaker on the chow hall table. Keep in mind, I've passed the phase and I'm moving on to Desert. For some stupid reason, I looked around, saw no one looking and stuffed into my cargo pocket. Dumped off my tray, exited out the door and walked over by the dumpster and started pouring sugar down my throat. It was glorious.. for about 1 minute. Then I started throwing up the meal I just ate. I tossed the bottle into the dumpster and moved out smartly.

While in Desert, I was walking somewhere and noticed some jungle boots sticking out from underneath a building. I looked and it was Doc Danis from 1/75. Doc was an SF Qualified Medic, Scuba bubble as well, who had to go to Ranger School.

Apparently, his old Team had been training in Dugway, knew he was coming and left him a cache of pougie bait. Doc threw me a Snickers and said don't tell anyone. I may have typed that story here before but at that time it remained OPSEC.

I once rode a jungle penetrator down from the MEDEVAC bird to pick up the fish and hush puppies I had forgotten to go get before the final mission in Florida for the other RI's but that's probably another thread.
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