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Whenever I have a combat vet come into my office for a visit, I try to take extra time just to talk shit with him. Far and away the most common response I get is that they feel better after talking about war and memories that are hard to dredge up.

A number of my vet patients have some form of depression and/or PTSD. They tend to dwell on the bad memories and forget the good aspects of their service. It is the good bits that I try to coax out of them during our visits. Getting them to laugh about the stupid shit you can only see in war brings out a different side of these patients. And it helps get them out of the dark places. Honest laughter truly solves many problems and provides a ladder for guys to climb out of the mental basement.

I understand there are aspects of war that cause deep mental scars, but leaving them to fester rarely, if ever, helps. I don't know a whole lot about psychiatry, and for sure these guys coming in are only in my office for some surgical or weight-related issue. But I recognize when someone needs to talk, which really is the best therapy around. It is especially true when the two people talking have something in common.

The best part of my job is getting an email or text from one of these guys, succinctly saying "thanks", or "that was some funny shit", etc.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, SB.

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