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Originally Posted by DirtyDog0311 View Post
Honestly, I see little difference in people that choose to abuse the First Amendment in order to undermine America, and those that abuse the 2nd Amendment to commit mass murder. In fact, the former may be more harmful to us as a whole than the more overt and visceral danger of the latter. And this isn't some partisan shit about Medicare I'm talking about or any of the other stupid shit we bitch about on a daily basis. This is about people who, for lack of a better phrase, want to "fundamentally transform America". We already have one person in that position doing what he can to that end --- and we can see the results of that almost every day.

It's the actions and intent of the individuals performing the deeds that are insidious. The very fact that it was "secret" makes it all the more shady. I believe Kennedy made a speech that outlines this.
How can they abuse the First Amendment? If you don't like their message, ignore it or counter it.

Anybody is allowed to coordinate a message with others until it involves the violent overthrow of the government. Prior restraint is unconstitutional, and that shouldn't change because you disagree with the message.
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