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Originally Posted by Sigaba View Post
How would you characterize the Koch brothers' funding of right of center populist political groups?
The Koch brothers have nothing to do with the list that was exposed.

Difference being the Koch brothers are not covering up or compromising the public’s method of receiving news. The Koch brothers are giving money to various organizations, and that is their right. They are not personally corrupting the news in order to push Progressive/Socialist/Leftist/Communist/Liberal (we’ll use PSLCL to keep this short) agendas. You might recall that in 2009 another secretive PSLCL journalist/think-tanker/academic list was outed. That scandal brought many PSLCL folks into the public venue. You can read about that here:

* I believe that there was evidence gleaned from Journolist that connected George Soros and the Democratic Socialists of America to the White House.

Freedom of the press is essential to America, NOT usurpation of the truth. We are now seeing that these Alinsky-motivated reporters, academics, and think-tankers have colluded, corrupted, and co-opted (C3) the truth. Why was there a concerted effort (C3) to BURY what happened in Benghazi? Why was there virtually no coverage of the IRS scandal? ATF/Fast and Furious? It’s called lack of reportage and talking points.

This exposed group utilized propaganda and media manipulation to cover for their PSLCL-minded friends, chiefly the POTUS and cronies embedded in this current administration.

Why did they have to hide the existence of this group? You really have to ask yourself that……

Also, does anybody else find it surprising that the lamestream media never presented the public any serious investigative reports on the above scandals PRIOR to the last election?
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