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Originally Posted by Colonel Flagg View Post
Personally, I would never suggest limiting freedom of speech.

But I have grave concerns over the extremely high concentrations of mass media ownership in so few hands:
Oh, it's a concern for sure, and like you, I'm not a fan of it. But I think in the end, mass media has to be treated like any other industry. I don't know enough about the anti-trust laws in this area to suggest if they are enough or not.

Originally Posted by SATCOM View Post
Why was there a concerted effort (C3) to BURY what happened in Benghazi? Why was there virtually no coverage of the IRS scandal? ATF/Fast and Furious? It’s called lack of reportage and talking points.

Also, does anybody else find it surprising that the lamestream media never presented the public any serious investigative reports on the above scandals PRIOR to the last election?
Talk radio, Fox News and a lot of the sites you link to on here dedicated no small amount of their resources to report on the issues you brought up? They count as media also.

The term "lamestream media" is just the feel good dog whistle for those news outlets conservatives have issues with. The counter message is getting out there through plenty of sources.
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