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Originally Posted by EchoFiveMike View Post
I read this whole thread and I find myself asking, what's wrong with the usual solution to lack of quality workers/no one wants to work weekends/night/etc? Open the fucking wallets.

US society has become completely entitled to cheap labor and this is the result of turning everything into a commodity.

And no, don't even bother with the nonsense argument that "they're paid damned well." YOUR opinion (or mine for that matter) on what they're paid is completely irrelevant to the market forces which should be driving their pay ever upward in response to demand, and finite supply. There's just too many unhealthy people, seems to be the real problem.

Because some pogue at United Healthcare makes more $ by shorting wages to nurses(or whoever) is not a valid reason, nor does it have anything to do with "market forces." It's exercise of power in a cartel system. S/F....Ken M
Actually, in many hospital systems employees (mainly nurses) are paid a night differential for working nights.

The wallets have been opened in many cases.

There are multiple problems in healthcare ranging from social to financial to misunderstanding of duty to managerial, but discounting the social/misunderstanding of duty does major harm to finding any solution.
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