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I've been in medicine in one way or another for over 20 years. It has changed, and the changes reflect our self absorbed and impatient society. People want instant gratification and zero defect, but you can't have both... electronic medical records tend to be a huge time suck for clinicians, and suck for patient care, though they are superb for billing... nursing has been dumbed down due to the insane state of medical malpractice litigation in this country. Don't get me wrong, I have TREMENDOUS respect for nurses, ESPECIALLY ER nurses, but it seems that nurses are less and less able to use judgement and more and more beholden to protocols and practice limitations, which is bad for patients.

And the acceptance of violence against healthcare workers in the ED has to stop. Hospital administrations need to take action against patients and/or family members who attack healthcare workers, and need to stop punishing those who defend themselves.

Burnout is real, and is going to have long term consequences on the medical profession that we aren't really going to understand for another ten or fifteen years. Hopefully it won't be too late by then...
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