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Devildoc it's not only nursing.

Pay does attract, but job satisfaction/morale will keep the nurse. There is always some other place that will pay better. A lot of nurses don't want to move, or travel, so they're stuck in podunk-whathaveyou, GA.

Opening the wallet is a portion of it though. It's the easiest way to fix a situation NOW. Many facilities give lip service to that idea. $7? Hahaa. You go do that work and then come back and tell me how that was compensation enough. Take Kimberchicks assessment. You're nursing, trying to do your job and then trying to get everyone else off their ass to do their job; Every. Fucking. Shift. Ever wonder why Docs seem to be in a bad mood? Try dealing with lazy nurses giving lazy/shitty info as often as every minute all day. Why more Docs don't quit or jump out a window is lost on me.

Protocols are what protect nursing licenses (amongst other things). Just wanted to throw that out there so it is understood for what it is (general reader).

The Unicorn Devildoc was talking about has been explored somewhat in Atul Gwande's book, Complications (back in the late 90's?). Good read, highly recommended.
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