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Originally Posted by litepath View Post
You're right in all that.

I know I sound like a complainer (and am).
Truth is, team effort is vital to the workings of the avg. ICU (all I have experience in). We need Respiratory, X-ray, Lab, Pharmacy, Hemo, MRI/CT, et al to do their job and stop questioning every last order trying to find a way not to accomplish the task at hand. Never mind the laZy nurses.

I've always said I'd rather work short of staff with great folks than fully staffed with shitbags. Both are more work but the short staffing at least leaves you with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

It's culture! And culture is created and maintained by good leadership.
Heard, brother. I complain about it, too. Shitty and lazy nurses who know how to work HR to their benefit is one reason I left the manager position.

I laughed at your comment bolded/italicized above: I always said that the amount of time trying to get out of doing a job is about five times longer than if you just did the damn job.
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