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Watched the movie again last night with a couple of my sons after telling them about a recent trip to Okinawa. My wife and I watched it several months before visiting Okinawa last month and planned a day to visit several locations where fighting took place in WWII on Oki. We hired a historian (Curator of the USMC WWII museum) who gave us a private tour of several locations and points of interest. We spent some time on Hacksaw Ridge as well.

There is a picture in the museum of Doss when he returned to Oki (1995 IIRC), he was with the Co CDR. While the area around Hacksaw Ridge is very populated and built up now, the CPT pointed out where the bodies Doss lowered were first gathered, now a parking lot. Doss also took several folks to a spot where he recalled was the point he kept returning to lower those he had rendered aid. Doss identified a large rock where he placed several bodies to protect them from small arms fire. Hacksaw Ridge itself is preserved and visitors can stop by. The day we went, there were a handful of people. The tunnel complex in and around the ridge is closed off to tourists.
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