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Well first, I sent SOCNET@SOCNET.NET 2 or 3 separate emails over the past month asking about making this post. Obviously there wasn't much concern there.

As a member, exhibitor, AND sponsor of IACSP I think a little more courtesy would be a reasonable gesture.

Lastly, I am the guy who is trying to put the f*n DAS of Special Operations in Congress. Would you rather spend your time guarding your little fiefdom here or step up to the plate and put one of our own in political office so we don't have jackasses forcing you guys to go out and buy your own gear becasue Congress changed the SOCOM acquisition rules?

Lastly, if you don't want politics entering the scene - say something. I find it hard to believe that the bulk of the members here would rather keep a pinko like Moran in office rather than show their support for Rumsfeld's #3.