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How about what Mr. Hollis IS doing right now. Like being a soft target in South America trying to stop the narco-terror. Spending time out East busting up the golden triangle.

We aren't stumping him on his Duty packet, but on his DoD resume.

I don't have time to come in and "earn my respect" - I've already done that and a litany of other ways.

The links work fine, I just checked them.

I didn't come here to argue and am rather shocked that I would be gangbanged by this group for trying to bring something real to the table.

Mod, if you would like - wipe this whole thing. It is clearly evident that no one can see past their bloodwings.

I in no way insinuated anything about anyone's education or accused anyone of being a single issue voter or donor for that matter. The bottom line is when the local GOP is looking at a candidate to go toe-to-toe against a socialist, and she is anti-gun, you would think that would get some attention.

No, I don't have the SpecOps background. I got busted down and then blew my back out before my tour was done. I spent my time building com and C3 facilities to cover your (collective) 6s in a variety of operations.

I also worked as a freelancer for foreign friendlies on a variety of black projects. I also have a degree in Itelligence Studies, a minor in SOLIC, and certs in Homeland Security and Terrorism Studies.