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Originally Posted by Traumagod00 View Post
Has anyone attended this program yet? I would like to know the specifics of the course and if it is demanded as they say.
Pilot class still in session. Applications for next class is ongoing, packets are being reviewed now. I heard interest level is high. Program has been briefed to brass at Bragg, FL, and DC with full support from them.

I am not in the program, I have 2 Soldiers that are. Demanding???, they say yes. Define 'demanding'???? SF guys with focus and goal don't let 'demands' from them kicking some ass in a course.

Contact the number if you're interested. PM me and I can get a link up set up with one of my Soldiers but follow USSFPA's instructions before proceeding with a PM. I'll coordinate link up if you are serious. I don't want to bother them when they can be studying/researching.
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