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Some other very basic tips, but basic as they are, I receive many job applicants making these mistakes (i'm not hiriing, please don't PM me at this time):

* Spell check and proofread.

* If sending an unsolicited application to multiple companies, do NOT have everyone and their sister in the "to" or "cc" field. I want to feel that you want to work with me, not just at any job you can get, but where i work.

* If sending an email, write an opening, even if only a few lines. I really don't appreciate receiving emails with no text and only a CV/resume attached or "CV attached". Like written regarding the cover letter ; gain my interest, entice me into reading your resume/CV, but keep it short and to the point.

* I'm not your "mate", "bro" or "buddy" - doesn't happen often, but it happens.

* For the love of all that is good, format your CV/resume so that it's easy to read. If it's not easy to read and understand, i'm probably not going to read it.

Good luck folks

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