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Originally Posted by 8654maine View Post
However, I'll be the contrarian here and find your (lila222) kinda distasteful.

Regardless of whether he is a poser or not, whatever happened to "for better or worse"?

What are you really trying to do?
8654 - regardless of her motives (and those of us on this site have been through our fair share break-ups and always wonder, what's really going on?) - if the underlying fact is that her husband, and two others, have been involved in defrauding the VA - she is to be supported for asking for help. She could be as mean as one of my ex's, but we owe it to the nation, to out the poser and try to restore integrity to the VA claims process. It's been a disaster.
...if on the other hand, this is all B.S., trust SOCNET to sort it all out.
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