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Originally Posted by iExpresso View Post
Any recommendations for resume creating websites? According to my wife, My current resume is “soooooooo 2000!” lol. Or at least outline recommendations? Should i use LinkedIn?

Ive tried to use myperfectresume dot com site but user interface was laggy/buggy and not friendly to my expectations.
This is offered (again) to the group and not meant to single you out or suggest any misgivings on your part.

No one cares about your aspirations or other personal wants and desires. Career goals at the top say "Hey, fuck you and your job, what I want is more important!"

Start off with a qualifications summary that summarizes your skill set and lists your greatest accomplishment in that field.

Tell me what you can do, show me where you have done it and show me where you have done it well.

Start your main body resume entries with an action verb and not some thing like "Directed to...." Use the verb that describes the task.. Lead a team of 5 aircraft mechanics in achieving the US Army's Aviation Safety Award.

No one cares what you were responsible for or some bloated Army budget number. I could have been responsible for an overwhelmingly daunting task like "Prevent Silverbullet from eating crayons" We all know that is just not gonna happen.
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