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Kryptek 70L duffle:

Thanks to swamppirate, got this for just over $70 at the Labor Day sale, used it for a 4-day to PA and a quick run to camp.

I'm a light traveler, typically a ruck in the OH for a week or less, if no gear required. This bag was barely 1/2 used, fully compressed for my trips; at its smallest, met carry-on size restrictions but if maxed will not.

solid, excellent construction; clam-shell opening; heavy zips and large/stiff storm flap which also keeps seams and zips from digging in when worn as a pack; end and side handles burly and part of full length/width webbing, with loops for gear attachment; compression straps also bomber and allow rifle, ground pad, poles, etc carry.
I chucked it out in a steady rain for 30 min with no water ingress, storm flap well-designed. Comes with warning to dry all gear before stowing to avoid rusting if firearms, etc stored long-term. I might go with a rolltop dry bag if constant soaking expected but this is better-protected than most of my other bags.
Shoulder straps, although not padded, are surprisingly comfortable, wide and well-placed and -spaced to fit. I'd add a waist belt if using frequently.

Cons (mostly petty):
the stiff flap and shoulder strap location make getting the bag open/closed a little awkward; one might rig quick buckles at the bottom to get the straps out of the way more easily.
Although all four carry handles are truck, the shoulder straps are sewn into the end seams and it's hard to see how solid they're anchored. If heavily loaded and worn frequently, this might be a point of failure to monitor; again, waist belt to transfer load would be an easy fix.
I'd prefer the side handles to be long enough to use both when hand-carrying, but found myself slinging it most times anyway.

Only other warning is that PVC melts, which I remembered when we used the bag as a rest and had the hot barrels put several nice divots in.
Size of the bag may limit my use, but I'd pay twice as much for the same thing in 45-50L (and a few tweaks) and use it all the time.

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