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Originally Posted by MakoZeroSix View Post
If you have game, there is no need to sexually harass and your sexual ovetures are generally well received. Even if they are rejected, they leave the woman feeling energized rather than debased and disgusted.

If you don't have game, even your most pedestrian attempts at hook ups are met with revulsion, and eventually these losers just wind up using power and impropriety to sate their sexual appetites.
I've been pondering this for a few weeks since you wrote this.

There is some interesting truth in that post Mako, and I would be interested in further deeper analysis about "the standard" you mention.

As a (f#@k) "harmless" (no-game?) married old-dude now...I want to truly consider your thoughts on this concept (before I take the iceberg float). Or perhaps worse, just accept my future fate as just a "wallet" once-and-for-all.

So, did the losers just not pay enough...long enough?

Because in many of these complaints...I see something along the lines of "we were in his hotel in Cabo, laying naked and he made me feel uncomfortable" (so pay me) or "we agreed to not go any further, but after my clothes came off..." he made me leave in tears (so pay me) type shit.

Douchebags yes...but it may be more about abusing the power itself (on both sides) than to simply sate their sexual appetites. There are much simpler easier ways to just do that, if that's all it was.

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