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Originally posted by Axe

If you keep banging your pots, you won't have any pots left.

Your questions have already been answered repeatedly in this post. Why do you keep repeating them like a parrot?

Do you want a pat on the back and someone to tell you you are great and have done everything right in your life? OK. Here you go:

PAT-PAT-PAT. You are great and have done everything right.

There. Are you happy now?

You keep asking the same questions over and over, arguing with the responses, and getting sarcastic and lippy to the people who are taking the time to answer you. Why don't you go away, leave these people alone, and go bother a Navy recruiter who is getting paid to answer repetitive questions from kids like you?
Will do :) I won't post till I go see a recruiter.

Sorry for the inconvience, I do appreciate your time and I know you guys could have just ignored my thread.