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Just remember... You opened this can of worms.

We will be successful in Iraq because the people were ready for democracy. Iraq has a pretty secular country, while still religious, they arenít to the point of cave dwelling 14 century throwbacks who like to strap C4 to their chests to murder Jews and Christians. The only people who can hinder our cause in Iraq is none other then our own people. Our reporters, the people who get discouraged while reading the reports, and the democrats who would love to see this turn out like Vietnam. Some would say the people attacking our troops will hinder our cause. This isnít so, while they can slow the process, we simply kill the ones who donít kill themselves in their attacks or in the unfortunate chance that we actually have to, arrest them. We canít simply pump Michael Moore and Wesley Clark, a war criminal himself, full of bullets. We must spread the news in the fullest of what is going on, in order to ensure we stay the course to success in Iraq.
Want me to tell you why you failed? You write like my 10 year old daughter. Improper grammar. "We will be successful in Iraq because the people were ready." WERE ready? You cannot write in present tense and past tense in the same sentence.

Just shut up kid. Your hole just gets deeper.