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Not as tragic but I had allergy testing today. I was picked, poked an prodded on for 2 hrs. I was tested for a panel of 54 allergens and a few more I requested. Came up positive on 3. So I get sub q injections on the remaining 50 some over again to double check for false positives.

Dogs - hahahahahah, big problem
Cats - No problem
Pine tree pollen - problem

So, I get to get a shot once a week, 70 mile round trip X 10 wks. Then I forgot the rest.

Hell, I'm gonna start drinking Copperhead & Timber rattlesnake venom too. My only threat in the wild, so fuck eliminate those 2 critters as well.

Some of my first memories as a child included dogs. Always had 1 or more. I've hunted them, bred them (mostly doggie style) and always had them as pets.
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