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Originally Posted by leopardprey View Post
I donít buy the whole homeless vet thing. Many posers. Many that were not honorably discharged and there by their own actions. If a Homeless Vet is truly a Vet in need, many legit programs to help. And if he is claiming homelessness due to
Veteran related disabilities or ptsd - well then he can get enough disability rating that would at least cover oneís rent and food.
I don't believe there are as many as the media would lead us to believe. I have not roamed the streets in quite some time. I used to hang out around LoDo in Denver during the holidays and buy some tramps some chow every now and again. There were quite a few posers then. Today, if the number is anywhere near the number of SOG vets I have run into at happy hour, then it is awash with nincompoops. I do , however, feel that the number of deployments some of these folks have done since the GWOT has gone on has upped the ante a bit, but I would have to spend a few weekends on the streets to know for sure. Maybe I should don my GoPro , dress the part and do a segment!
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