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Originally Posted by Macka View Post
I hope GPS works. I'm driving from MA to NC in a few weeks.

Guess I'll break out the Atlas book.

(I think I can figure out 95 south for 800 miles)
if Eastern MA I take pike to 84 then the wilbur cross pkwy to merrit pkwy, decision point; White Plains then Garden St pkwy to NJ turnpike, or Merritt parkway /Hudson River Pkwy / Henry Hudson to Brooklyn GW Bridge NJ Turnpike.

next is whether to go to Annapolis after Deleware Bridge on 95 or detour 301 via eastern shore Cheseepeak Bay Bridge, BW parkway 395 to 95S Richmond. 295 bypass Richmond.

Anything in the DC area remotely close to rush hour and by that I mean, 3PM on in the evening DON'T DO IT. You cant get clear until past Fredericksburg it is hands down the worst traffic on the East Coast.

Then the long drive into NC, stay fast and avoid speed traps I go 95 to 40 for North or South points, Raleigh Winston Salem mountains. Never head into Eastern NC on all these two lane shortcuts at night, go 40 to 17 then traverse. So many head ons and people hitting deer, farm equipment etc you can't believe it.
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