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Originally Posted by ET1/ss nuke View Post
there isn't anyone in that area of operations whose life is so valuable that it must be defended by sacrificing the life of a single American in uniform.
Fucking A. I saw too many good Marines die in Iraq (for apparently no reason) to support sending any more in the ME. Especially my son, the one that wants to get a commission after college.
The poor children who may have been gassed, as sad as those images appear, are the same kids who in a decade would be the next crop of the exact same culture raised and trained by the current crop to act just like them.
Just like Somalia. Lots of theories out there about the ability of the Sahel region to support XXX number of people, how the whole early-80s "Aid for Africa"-thing fucked that up by allowing many more to live to adulthood than could realistically be supported, and the result 10 years later was thousands of young men with no purpose in life or means of support, willing to join militias and kill innocents.
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