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Thank you gentlemen for your responses. I am simply trying to find factual information on enlistments provisions and requirements pertaining to my situation.
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Current Situation: I have recently joined the navy, taken a job, and took the PST (8:00 min Swim, 143 push ups, 126 sit ups, 26 Pull ups, 9:31 Run) was told I would get my SO contract (to go SEAL-Enlisted) and then I hit my road block, Problem: I received 3 MIP's (Minor in Possessions of Alcohol) which has classified me under alcohol abuse on my record all of which were issued at a minimum of 3 years ago. I received these in high school and early in my college career before I became a more responsible individual. This is currently one MIP too many for an SO contract. I have a college degree from Texas A&M -good GPA, Good PST score, and three MIP's. I have been told I can take a job within the navy and switch to the SO rating after 18 months. The idea of 18 months in the navy in a unrelated field is an option but is not a desirable one but may be what I have to do to achieve my goal. I do have a college degree so going officer is also an option.

If any one has any other options of thoughts on my situation that they know are available to me and could describe them it would be much appreciated