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If somebody gets dropped from BUD/S today they are screwed up. They give the kids almost unlimited times to re-do things, they are a Navy A school and hence are highly regulated and people get chance after chance after chance.
I have several friends who are currently instructors, here are some tidbits-
*Winter Hell Weeks have not been eliminated but amazingly the last one was in October and there are none scheduled for weeks, hmmmm....
*Pool Comp-the kids go through the test over and over again, they know what to expect on the test and hence are super prepared for it, kind of defeats the purpose of it though.
* The Center want's numbers, plain and simple.
*Numbers-they are pushing for another 500 SEALs, can't manufacture SOF? BS, the Navy and BUD/S are throwing out a SOF Truth.
*Boards? Kids only have to pass 3 of 5 times events in swims, runs, o courses.
*We just got a kid at the team who was at BUD/S for almost there for 3 years. Can't make that up.
* BUD/S is only 21 weeks now and there is a push to have selection stop after pool comp. Some have even suggested dropping Hell Week, can't make that shit up.
* The instructors do what they can to remain the gate keepers but when Officers and Enlisted alike start IGs inspections all the time there is only so much you can do. They do not get the support from the Senior Officers or the Enlisted.
* No more runs to chow hall, no more lots of things. If the water wasn't cold it would be a joke now.

BUD/S has changed, I know many on here don't want to believe that but it has and the product coming out is not the same, we still get a lot of good guys but that is because we still attract a lot of good guys.
The mentors are part of the problem has is the "hugging" phase of some of those vested in making sure the kids get through. There was even a Hell Week where some Mentors went out and "encouraged" the kids, weak. That has not happened since but it still disgusts me.

If this continues, along with the advocacy of some to allow women into BUD/S will be a joke and the Teams will eventually suffer.

I expect a lot of "You don't know what your talking about" or "that is not true" and an occasional line from a Mentor/Motivator about how great the program is working but it's just not the way it is folks.
I can't take it anymore when I read some of these posts.

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