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Originally Posted by SWAT View Post
I agree, several cases come to mind. Remember the "college kids" who decided they wanted to hike along the Iraq Iran border during the height of the war?

They didn't want to "hike along the border". As a matter of fact they weren't even close to it.

Here's a brain exercise for all who believe that silliness:

1. Google Quds Force + American Hikers.

2. Imagine them applying their capabilities.

3. Let those two bits of information shake in your brain housing group for ten seconds (MMV).

If your brain concludes that it's not always as black and white as say... Iranian national television makes it seem... then you can congratulate yourself on superior analytical capabilities. If it doesn't you can always educate yourself by reading available OS material completely shredding that thinly veiled propaganda piece that lots of people bought hook, line and sinker...
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