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Watching it as well. Since the USMNT missed the cut, Iím rooting for England, Mexico, and Spain. My wife has a lot of Italian on her side of the family (lived there too) and is bummed about Italy not making the cut. Another good friend of mine is Italian as well but his stepmother is Costa Rican so heís pulling for Costa Rica. Heading over to a good friendís house this afternoon for a crawfish boil and heís a huge Tottenham fan and is pulling for Iceland. One of my brothers is rooting for France. Most of my friends and family are huge soccer fans.

Not very happy with the direction of the USMNT. We have systemic issues and need to start looking at other countries and how they develop their players in conjunction with supporting infrastructure. And MLS is not the solution at the moment. Developing players have to play overseas for us to be competitive.
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