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Originally Posted by cj View Post
I took my girls last night to see it. It was okay, not in my top 25 war films.

However, I have to say, the 18D in the film was a twin of an 18B from 7th SFG from back in the 80s. His name was K. Bates. I mean the dude was him; slim build, brown hair and mustache, thick black eye glasses, and the same quiet soft spoken demeanor. Some of you former 7th group dudes might remember Bates as he served in RVN with a Ranger Company.
Those glasses are GMIs, gas mask inserts. I wore them deployed, too because they are indestructible.

I saw the movie with a friend and my wife's nephew who is now 21; after the movie he said he remembered me wearing mine 15 years ago....still have them somewhere....
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