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Originally Posted by Silverbullet View Post
In most cases it's the secondary weapon.
Spot on. A lot of folks approach a military sidearm the same way they approach a law enforcement sidearm, when the two are apples and oranges.

The vast majority of LE engagements will occur with officers armed only with their sidearm. From my POV (as a former cop), I wanted a reliable sidearm that chambered a quality JHP, with plenty more ammo in my person. During my cop years I carried a G21 and G22, and had confidence in those pistols.

Military, as SB writes, a sidearm is a secondary arm at best. The whole point of being a world power is being able to engage the enemy at ranges FAR beyond his organic weapons. My weapon of choice goes something like this:

3. M142 HIMARS
4. M245A1 Main Gun
5. M2 HMG

If my day is going poorly, maybe this:

1. M240B
2. Mk47 or Mk19

If my day has really gone to shit:

1. M249

Shitty plan, shitty day all around:

1. M4

Only after that do I start to worry about my handgun selection. What do I want? Light, reliable, compact size, chambered in decent caliber. G19 meets all those reqs...a 1911 does not.
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