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Some of what is written in this thread is borderline heresy.

Keanu Reeves is the BEST ACTOR EVER.

When I retire, I will open a university dedicated to the study of Keanu Reeves and his craft. While it seems difficult to pack this amazing body of work into just four years, most people must dedicate time to things that actually earn an income.

I am still working on the syllabus, but this is my basic plan.

YEAR ONE: Let's start lighthearted, with Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Parenthood.

YEAR TWO: A walk on the wild side, with Street Kings and Point Break.

YEAR THREE: We're going to explore the romantic, classical arts, with Dangerous Liaisons and My Own Private Idaho.

YEAR FOUR: A true challenge. The Matrix series. with Honors credits if a student can actually explain the plot coherently.

For those who truly pursue excellence (and have a trust fund), two years of Postgraduate study comparing and contrasting 47 Ronin and The Replacements, two incredible films which have identical plots, yet no one actually watched.
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