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Originally Posted by leopardprey View Post
What 1911 do you carry/use?
I alternate between the following:

(1) Springfield MC Operator w/ light (the only problem is a loose front sight that Springfield quickly fixed).
(2) Remington enhanced
(3) Taurus PT1911 (yeah, I know, I know). This one had a loose rear sight that was easily fixed by me.

I can't recommend Remington, yet. It's new in my stable.

I carry it out of habit, I know and trust it, and for the reasons AZ outlined previously.

My buddy had a Les Baer for awhile. Very nice. He sold it, I believe, for a Nighthawk, another nice gun.

I've also carried a Glock as well. Got it around '90 - '91 (a bud in a Plt had FFL license). I carry that but always come back to the 1911.

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