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Originally Posted by CivyScum View Post
I don’t carry a gun because I can’t take it to work, or half the places I got day-to-day. Besides, I live by the words by some smart guy that said “if you have to use a gun, you already did something wrong. Guns make people dumb. Duct tape makes people smart.” That said, of course there are situations you don’t get to pick where a gun makes the situation easier to deal with or maybe the only way you survive. If you can take a firearm, do it. Just don’t pretend it’ll solve a lot of your issues. Reality is there’s usually another way, and if you really take control of your situation and the steps along the way, you should be fine without one. There are also a lot of ramifications to using a gun, sometimes unforeseen, and most bug-out situations don’t incorporate that into the scenario very well. Guns can escalate non-issue situations, expose you, or dictate the rest of your strategy too much. If you’re not careful, it can control more of your situation than you yourself, and that’s not good. I’m not trying to sound anti-gun, but I have to sort of backup my reasoning. Just don’t let it fool you into thinking it’s your savior tool. It is a great food procurement tool, unless you’re worried about being found.
If I have a gun and you don't you're essentially a cache with legs.
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