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This is a fucked up deal. Big fire, loss of life and property. Astronomical cost afterwords. God Bless the Firefighters that's some hard fucking work.

Talking about the Forest Management being shit there. I had some kind of Helmock Beetle that came from Japan. Thank you, assholes. Inspect your shit better.

They ate 2 perfectly healthy Colorado Blue Spruces that were 40 + ft tall in 16 months. Down to the last fucking needle then worked on the wood until it was rotten
Those large areas of damage from them need cut or controlled burned.

Another thing is how fucked up Logging companies leave an area. The easy money ones. That shit has to be cut and replanted a certain way. So, I agree with the POTUS. - If I give you money to manage your forest and you do it poorly...I'm not going to give any more fucking money unless you start unfucking it most rickety tick.
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