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Originally Posted by bobofthedesert View Post
I don't want to talk out my fourth point of contact here, but wouldn't it help if homes were built of something other than stuff that burns? I've always thought that if I built my own home I'd go with one of the less basic "monolithic dome" designs. All concrete. I saw a pic of one of these in Florida after one of their regularly scheduled hurricanes, everything around it was match sticks, the dome home not a scratch. I don't think concrete or stone burns.....2x4's and sheet rock are possibly cheaper, I don't know, but it would seem like false economy at the moment....
Did you see how that house was made. It was made of rebar all thru the house an each was attached to other rebar. it was made to stand winds up to 250 MPH or more.

Now days they have they call Blue wood as it is treated to with some that is fire proof, most of those homes were built years ago when they didn't have todays building code.
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