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Originally Posted by VF13 View Post
Considering getting one of these for my next handgun. Background, I am a civilian, not LE and do not carry for work. But I have a carry permit and prefer to carry when applicable. I've tried more compact pistols but I gravitate back to the larger frame guns. Only thing I know about this pistol as of now is that it has a perfectly amazing feel in my hand, it just points very naturally. Feels like an extension of my arm, it's even better for me than the Springfield XDM is, and that's one of my favorites.

Just looking to see any experiences, good or bad. Thanks in advance.
Why .40? It's a dying round. Better off with a 9mm IMHO. My LGS won't order or take forty cals in trade.
VP series are great guns you won't be disappointed.
Steel Rain Brings The Pain!
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