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Originally Posted by MrMojok View Post
"Lieutenant Alshamrani reported that the confrontation came at the end of a meteorology class, when the instructor, James Day, asked whether students had any questions before he dismissed them.

The instructor then turned to Lieutenant Alshamrani and asked whether he had any questions, addressing him as ¬“Porn Stash¬” ¬— spelled that way in the complaint ¬— in an apparent reference to the mustache of a porn actor."

Maybe we can put an end to this, by ceasing to TRIGGER them.

I don't know why a nation that cuts off hands for stealing and cuts up people with buzzsaws for espionage and effrontery and has laws that provide for stoning people to death would be so thin-skinned, but here we are
Originally Posted by Gsniper View Post
I guess large groups of alleged alpha males are no longer allowed to insult each other.

If he was already carrying a gun in class he was just looking for a reason.
A couple of points here.

1. Whenever and wherever I travel, I take the utmost care to learn about the audience I'm going to be training or working with in order to establish a viable long term relationship with the customer. Everyone here who's done area studies knows this is the key to a successful mission.

2. Years ago, there was a video posted of a T-38 instructor cursing out a Japanese Air Defense student because the latter didn't understand the urgent need to adjust the heat in the cockpit. At the time everyone thought the instructor was an assclown, but it turned out that this was a real safety issue as the back seater could have been overcome by the 200+ degree heat and the emergency procedure is to blow the canopy (the T-38 guys here can confirm this or correct me if I'm wrong).

On the other hand, a WX guy calling a student an offensive name in a controlled, non-threatening environment reeks of cultural insensitivity and going back to point one is beyond stupid. I'm pretty certain this wasn't a one off.

Lastly, the blame rests with the shitbag and it always will, but it also sounds like there's an instructor problem in terms of their ability to deliver training without insulting their foreign customers.

I'm also pretty certain the Navy-level training poohbahs are assessing this now.
Death is a farcical pile of bullshit.

I refuse to participate.

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