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thanks for your quick replies. I have searched the boards on this topic since my post (i know I should have done it first) and searched the internet and it looks like the following manufactors make the Marine ICB



Danner (is the acadia the same boot as the ICB?)

I believe bates manufactors them as well but they call it the Defender 8" boot anyone looked at these?
All these manufactors of the ICB price very differently, has anyone compared them? I am curious how the bates defender, if it is an ICB, compares to the Matterhorn ICB.

Thanks for the heads up on the Marine Jungle Desert Boot from Belleville, my only question about the 790 is do those boots have the drain grommets like the Marine Hot weather boot?

Also Bates footwear has been awarded the contract for the Marine Jungle Desert Boot. heres the link
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