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@infmedic: where on the east coast are you focusing on??? There's a huge distance between the 404th in New Jersey and the 478th in Perrine (Miami), FL. In between you have units all over....Columbia, SC; Greensboro, NC; NY; TN; VA; Fort Bragg; OH; Tampa; Orlando; etc, etc. In addition, you WILL reclass to 38B and you WILL get at least a secret clearance. If you fail to reclass timely or have issues getting a clearance....if the unit is squared away you will be sent packing. If looking for jump status I suggest the 450th in MD or the 478th in FL....non Airborne the 489th in TN or the 422nd in Greensboro. Once you do your homework and find a unit contact them directly via phone or better yet, stop by. The SSA/unit admin will not have a problem sharing what slots are available in the line companies. Good luck to you!
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