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Originally Posted by bm2bob View Post
Sorry for your loss. If some douchebag had said that to me two months after my mother died, I would have wanted to pull him through the keyboard.
Appreciate it. Still trying to figure out how a supposed 20 years as a non vetted AF JTAC makes him think he "meets the criteria" to come into the Army SF forum and talk shit.

Respectfully ask a legitimate question? Sure. Not get the answer you want and then be a fuckstick? Nuh-uh. Not going to fly as far as I'm concerned.

But, just to clarify my initial point - The vetting process of becoming a recognized BTDT on this site has a purpose (for all of the services). It, like anything in SOF, has to be earned, and has to be applied for. An individual with 10 years on the site, 54drive by posts over those 10 years, as well as an incomplete profile, should not make the assumption that everyone is going to know who he is, and that they are going to sit back quietly while he comes into a sister service SOF forum and talk shit to any BTDT of that service. It wouldn't fly in the AFSOC forum and it isn't going to fly in here.

Anyone wanting to come in here to "poser bust" would do well to realize it.
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