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Hi all,

I'm out of my lane definitely, but I'd like to know if it's possible to check on this individual; the story is an odd one...I work as a paramedic in Ontario, Canada. I had a patient the other day who claimed to have served in Special Forces, completed two tours in Vietnam. The discussion was started due to a tattoo I noticed on his forearm, depicting the crossed arrows and scroll. Above that was a skull wearing a green beret. There was no motto. I know what the real emblem looks like, so I asked him about it. I do have a full name and DOB, as well as the date he left the service, and moved to Canada. I'm just curious because he states that he now plays shows (in a band) at various military legion halls, presumably banking on military credentials. Among other things that made me sceptical were the stories about how "once you feel bullets flying by you, nothing else matters..", etc..and the fact that he was very squeamish about getting an IV. Not that big a deal I guess, but the community I work in has many real vets, and I've developed kind of a "bullshit meter". My sincerest apologies if this guy is for real. Please PM for details of this man.
A clear and quick way to reduce "wannabees" is to ask when and where they went through the Special Forces Qualification Course. That can be checked very quickly by folks at Bragg.