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Originally Posted by JDWRep View Post
As pissed as I am with what happened you couldnt be more off. There are things that JDW is hiding but its not even close to what the guys on here are thinking. This isnt some fly by night organization. The company's reach is enormous and they have everything they claim in place. Its what's behind the curtain that's the alarming part. Something I'm not going to get into for my own self preservation.
HMMMM interesting, I am calling BS on that one JDW. You came on a little strong there. Feel free to PM with some detail on the "enormous reach" because it sounds like you are actually doing some spin control on behalf of the company.
If we aren't at war, I have been having some really bad dreams for about six or seven years now and need to explain to my wife and family why I have spent about 40 months away from home... are we just "at odds"
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