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Originally Posted by JDWRep View Post
...<snipped for brevity> ... I also have visited others in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, Dallas, Sydney and London.
(bold, underline is mine)

Bullshit, complete and utter! Sydney is not as big a city as some think. Pop barely 4Mil warm bodies and the security industry downunder is very incestuous. How you expect us to believe that your company waltzed into Sydney Australia, set up an office and not one local yokel took notice is beyond me!

This is my home turf (Sydney boy here) and with the amount of research I've been doing about the industry at home these last couple of months, there is no way I wouldn't have heard about your group!

If you did/do business here, I would have heard the company name. If you are not doing business here, then why have an office? ...and before you go and claim an Aussie Govt. secret contract, unplug your PC and walk away quietly because There are no Aussie Govt. contracts, secret or otherwise, out there with your company's name on it or anything that sounds similar.

If you did in fact visit Sydney, tell me what suburb the office was situated in ... was it St Kilda, or Fortitude valley? And which terminal at Bankstown Airport you flew into. PM if you feel the need for secrecy.

AJ sends.
AJ sends.

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