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I was on that airplane. At the time I was a young USAF Captain...and the 2/75 Air Liaison Officer (ALO).

I was sitting on the floor beside Ranger Critselous when the airplane hit the ground. It was loud and the ride was as rough as I've ever experienced. Since there were no seats...there were no seat belts. We all got tossed around pretty bad and I was lucky enough to come up against the floor mounted winch we'd used to pull the little birds into the C-130. That kept me from being thrown farther forward and I was able to dig my way out of the rubble when the bird came to a stop.

By the time I found a way out the aircraft was pretty much fully on fire and as I exited a tear in the port side port side skin the first 'whoosh' of rolling flame came from the back to the front of the airplane. I'm pretty sure nobody came out after me (I watched the AC-130 video a while later and pretty much confirmed that).

I knew the Rangers that ALO I worked directly for the LTC Powell. Bynum had taped my sprains and fed me 'Ranger Candy' when I was beat up. Critselous and I shared a bag of Tootsie Rolls I had in my ruck sack during the flight.

My 2 years with the 2/75 are some of my fondest memories.
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