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I thought Jack was already a 91C long, then went from 2 BN straight to PA school. I could be mistaken.

Years later, I was a PA too, but didn't have a lot of interaction with the real military PAs (I was Commissioned Corps U.S.P.H.S., which I have renamed the U.S. Public Self-Service for their careerist culture).

I have some contact with Frank Wallace from time to time. He was the acting Battalion Surgeon before Bob Kane came on board. Frank retired from the military, went to medical school, and did his residency in critical care/anesthesiology.

Don Smith ("Smitty") also lives (lived?) in my neck of the woods. I was working in a Family Practice clinic when I first moved to Oregon and Don, a pharmaceutical rep at that time, would call on the clinic.

Gerry, did you retire from the Army? 1st Group? I remember when you and Boy Dan (now Command Sergeant Major Dan) visited me at University of California.
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